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As no two projects are ever the same, the services I am available to offer may be restricted by the county in which the work is being completed.  The general overview of services I am able to offer based on my primary coverage area within Hardee County are listed below.

Don't be afraid to call if you have a job in mind that you don't see listed below as it doesn't hurt to ask.  I do a wide variety of odd jobs such as mowing yards, raking leaves, sharpening and/or replacing lawn mower blades, lawn mower tune ups, hanging pictures or shelves, replacing mailboxes, adding numbers to houses (for 911 awareness), power washing, etc.

Bathrooms: install flooring, toilets and vanities.

Cabinetry and Shelving: install cabinets and shelving in bathrooms, closets, kitchens, laundry rooms and pantries

Custom Built-Ins: entertainment centers, closet organizers, hall trees, mud room areas, etc.

Custom Furniture: coat and key racks, coffee/end/side tables, desks, dining room benches and tables, kitchen islands, shelves, etc.

Drywall: light patching and repairs

Electrical: replace breakers (same amp) and light bulbs (same wattage or lower for LED) and covers for outlets and switches

Field Fence: installation and repairs

Flooring: install wood, laminate and vinyl plank flooring

Furniture: assembly, refinishing and repairs

Interior Trim: install baseboard, crown molding, door and window casing

Kitchens: install backsplash, cabinets, countertops and flooring

Painting: interior and exterior (baseboards, doors, fascia, door and window trim, walls, wood siding for houses and sheds) 

Yard Clean Up: storm debris and trash removal​


What would you make with wood if you could?  If you had the knowledge, skills and tools needed what would you build, create, design, make, etc.?  Let Hardee Handyman Services help you make your dream a reality!  Welcome to our "Would" Shop where your vision can come to life!

Sticker shock is a reality now more than ever.  Have you ever seen something you'd like to have in your home and thought "I love it, but it's just not worth it at that price."  Hardee Handyman Services has been able to take a simple idea, picture, sketch or vision and turn it into the showcase piece of your dreams for your home.  From a knickknack shelf to display your treasured memories to a custom closet built-in, Hardee Handyman Services is here to help.

Below is a small gallery of items that were made based on a challenge, concept, idea, request, etc.  A pile of cull, reclaimed or scrap wood doesn't have to be tossed aside and into the burn pit.  With some inspired design creativity, it can become something your family will cherish.

From reclaimed broken fence boards and posts, a reclaimed built in shelf that didn't fit a new owner's closet vision  to a small pile of wood found on the side of HWY 663, Hardee Handyman Services brought some much needed new life to old wood.

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